Positive Quotes

Positive thinking is one of the most important key to success because your thoughts have a strong impact on your actions. If you always see the brighter side of life then no other thing you need. Keeping a positive attitude about everything takes you closer to your goal. With some positive quotes you can easily re-energize yourself.

  • If you keep regretting about your past actions then you are nowhere in the sight of success. Your statement ‘I would have’ needs to be replaced by ‘I will’. Let things go and focus on your future plans.

  • Nothing is impossible if you have the willpower. Do not stop dreaming otherwise you will stop achieving. One should not feel that he cannot complete a task because our negative thoughts can result in reduced efforts.

  • If you are one of the people who always see the positive aspect of a problem then you are more likely to achieve your pre-decided goals. Just start avoiding all the negative thoughts and you will notice your transformation in a good way.

  • ‘Think big, achieve big’ is the key lesson for your path of success. You have to start expecting more from yourself so that you can start achieving more.

  • The very first motivation you need is your own. Start praising yourself and you will see that it is helping the most. You should understand your capabilities and put the right effort in the right direction.

  • Your present condition is caused by your past action or thought because the cycle is quite simple. Your thoughts decide your words, your words decide your actions and your actions decide your present state. If you really want to make a difference then you will have to start from the initial point that is your thoughts.

  • You need not to love your haters but all you can do is, ignore them. It is better than hating them back. It is not going to help. If you will start avoiding people who hate your then you will be able to save your energy and put that something in more productive.

  • If you want the world to believe in you then you will have to start believing in yourself. This inner belief brings the self-confidence and boosts your power to express yourself.

  • Your worries about future are the biggest obstacle in your path of success. Most of the people love to keep themselves puzzled and anxious about things that have a little chance to happen. One should stop worrying about things that have not happened yet.

  • Nothing in this world can be achieved easily. By putting the required effort, you can make almost everything possible.

Client Testimonials

  • Once again thank you for the excellent training.

    I found the presentation of the high level workflow very helpful. It enabled me to understand the organisational structure, the core duties for each section, the authorising procedure and the work processes required to achieve desired outcomes. This diagrammatic overview is worth more than a 1000 words and helps provide a mental picture of the ‘grand design’.

    Being able to formulate these concepts in the way in which you did; displayed an ability to empathise with newcomers and empower them to effortlessly connect with the workflow more speedily. If I had not received your information at the time that I did; it would have taken longer for me to process overall procedures.

    Also highlighting key concepts to manage data processing prevented overload and helped me understand core tasks I need to master in order to establish a baseline of future success.

    Your assistance has been invaluable.

  • I attended the ‘How comfortable are you shrinking to fit’ through business/personal life’ Workshop. It was the jump start I needed. I knew I had lots of skills and experience but I lacked the motivation. I was stuck and shrinking by the minute. The workshop helped me to release any negative doubts and to fulfill my potential. I left the workshop excited about creating a life without limits’. Thank you Olive you are an inspiration.

  • Olive has an empathetic and encouraging coaching style. Olive has helped me become more self aware and to vocalise thoughts and put actions into place to help me move forward with my goals. I have enjoyed working with Olive as my coach.

  • Brilliant and very professinal coaching sessions that I was looking forward to. They helped me to define my goals and made me very motivated to carry out the tasks necessary to reach them. Thanks to Olive’s positivity my outlook on life in general and on my abilitieis to achieve my goals, is now very positive, leading to an increased enthusiasm, focus and energy.

  • Very powerful conversation there with Kamara. I loved it. Olive you have a very good voice for media & you instil confidence in the interviewee.

  • Before you even started your presentation, your positive energy was felt in the room. During the presentation, I felt I had went through a self discovery journey. Also, I have found answers to what was holding me back.
    After the presentation, I felt very happy and physically a lot lighter than before.

    The next morning, I woke up feeling very refresh and I was able to focus and get tasks done which would normally take me a couple of weeks to do, which it took me a couple of hours.

  • Olive has a very unique ability to address the key issues and was able to help me determine (for myself) what I needed to do in my life to achieve the goals I had set out at our initial session.

  • Olive was clear in making sure I considered and exercised all options and tools available to me to which could help with managing my time. After each session I was encouraged to go away and think about my options, write them down in conjunction with statements so that, not only my mind was conditioned to think more optimistically about tasks that lay ahead, but also I became active in making sure that outstanding tasks were completed.

  • The coaching has really helped me in achieving my goals. It has helped in putting my business in the right perspective. It has also helped me to stay focused, and to have a more positive attitude.

    Olive has really helped me to discover who I am. Now I can put things down on paper and take action, and to avoid procrastination as much as possible. Big thank you to you Olive for helping me discover myself.