Olive’s LiveTalk: Thoughts for the Season

In Community talk.We each need to remember that Christmas is not solely a time for giving, as this should be demonstrated daily, giving and sharing love from the heart and not only from the pocket, because you feel compelled to.

Parents do not spoil your children because other parents are doing it to the extent that Christmas loses its values even more.  If you cannot afford certain things, start explaining to the children why, so they grow up with much more understanding.   There is absolutely no need to put yourself under pressure in trying to keep up with others.  We need to start teaching our children to place much more worth on what is important, and less on what is not.

For most, Christmas is a time to spend with the family (which can be anyone by the way), from your relations, friends, neighbour, kinsmen or women.

There are so many reasons, why for some of us Christmas may not be a ‘Merry’ time. Some may have lost their jobs, divorced, death of a loved one, separation, loneliness, illness, atheists, depression, etc.  Just because you are feeling all the ‘Merriment’ does not mean others are too.  We should respect that.

We should never be made to feel, less valued because of the pressures that the media alike have put upon us because of Christmas.  We should start to take control of our lives, and not be dictated on Christmas being the time to buy lots of presents just for that day, thus missing the real meaning of the Christian event.

Some of us believe in the phenomenon of caring and sharing daily in our lives, and see it as being hypocritical when caring and sharing is demonstrated only at Christmas, then soon afterwards return to our usual turning a ‘blind eye’ and ‘not by responsibility’ syndrome.

Spend wisely and caringly, though remembering that giving and sharing is a daily occurrence and not reserved for the 25 December only.

What does this festive period mean to you? Do you feel so saddened by it all that you do not celebrate it? Is it a time for reflection?

Why? ….Because you are worth it!

Do not allow anyone to place a value on you that depreciates you, undermines who you are, and what you believe in.

I was recently bidding for a particular piece of work, and was told that because someone is cheaper than me, they are likely to consider them, and if I wanted to continue with the bid, I should reduce my price.  Well, my spiritual intuition kicked in, silently telling me NOT to under value myself.  That if I believe that I am worth what I had quoted, then I should not lower the price.

My intuition carried on to tell me, that if I reduce the price I would be simplifying the work that needed to be done, and that would not be true to the client and myself.  I stuck to my guns!

I have time and time again, in the past reduced my prices, and having to work longer hours, in getting the work done. In essence, what I was doing then was, indicating that I was not ‘worth it’.  I was in fact ‘shrinking to fit’!

Negotiation is one thing, though to be devalued is clearly another.  I shall always prefer the former.

This is a reminder that you, should not wait for others to appreciate you, you should celebrate and appreciate yourself.  Self-appreciation increases your self-worth.  I am worth it!!

If you are not careful, you may find yourself, before long, devaluing and depreciating yourself not only in your career, in your personal relationships too.  Follow your intuition, and learn to place real value for your work, in your relationships and for your life.

Like the advert says…’Why?’  ‘Because I am worth it’!!

If you don’t take charge others will!!