Dear Reader

First I would like to say that I am sorry to hear about your loss, and send you my heartfelt condolences, including waves of love.

Loss and grief is something that we are all going to experience at certain stages of our lives, and no one is immune to it. It will never be easy to lose a loved one, whatever the circumstances, and no matter the age.

I feel that our experiences albeit loss or otherwise, is to be shared, which in turn, will help you (the Giver) to heal, and others too (the Receivers). I also believe, that our experiences has a profound message attached to it, and as profound as it may seem, is all part of our life journey.

Nothing can replace the love or loss, though, the experience (the loving experience you shared with your loved one), when shared with others can help quicken your healing process, whilst proving support to others during their healing process.

Going by my own personal example, the POWORDFUL page consists of my own thoughts and experiences. I share these, knowing that it is helping, healing, supporting, inspiring, motivating as well as transforming others.  This is my way of sharing my message with the Universe, which I might add, find spiritually healing in return.

I hope that this message shared today, will bring some positive relief to YOU.

I am here, so should you need to write to me again, please don’t hesitate.

Thank you also for your very nice compliments about my posts.  It is with love that I write.

Sending you waves of love and blessings!!