Why? ….Because you are worth it!

Do not allow anyone to place a value on you that depreciates you, undermines who you are, and what you believe in.

I was recently bidding for a particular piece of work, and was told that because someone is cheaper than me, they are likely to consider them, and if I wanted to continue with the bid, I should reduce my price.  Well, my spiritual intuition kicked in, silently telling me NOT to under value myself.  That if I believe that I am worth what I had quoted, then I should not lower the price.

My intuition carried on to tell me, that if I reduce the price I would be simplifying the work that needed to be done, and that would not be true to the client and myself.  I stuck to my guns!

I have time and time again, in the past reduced my prices, and having to work longer hours, in getting the work done. In essence, what I was doing then was, indicating that I was not ‘worth it’.  I was in fact ‘shrinking to fit’!

Negotiation is one thing, though to be devalued is clearly another.  I shall always prefer the former.

This is a reminder that you, should not wait for others to appreciate you, you should celebrate and appreciate yourself.  Self-appreciation increases your self-worth.  I am worth it!!

If you are not careful, you may find yourself, before long, devaluing and depreciating yourself not only in your career, in your personal relationships too.  Follow your intuition, and learn to place real value for your work, in your relationships and for your life.

Like the advert says…’Why?’  ‘Because I am worth it’!!

If you don’t take charge others will!!

What LABELS do you use as an identifier of who you are?

Some of us have the misconception that the LABEL on a jar is more important than the contents.   We tend to forget that the label is solely an external identifier, and what really matters is the contents ~ what is on the inside of the jar.

We are giving labels at birth, labels whilst growing up, labels by our friends, labels in our relationships, labels in our marriage, and labels during our entire life.

We are daily being pigeon-holed into categories, and labelled.  What sorts of labels are you wearing or more to point do these labels truly reflect who you are, or who you aspire to become?

Labelling is not only associated with products, we regularly use them as an identifier of who we are.

-> So what are the labels you use in describing yourself?

-> What are the labels you have used in describing your business?

-> Think about the labels you give yourself!  Are the labels positive to spur you into the action, or labels that are tying you down?

We need to be conscious of the labels that we use in describing our business.  Some of these labels may be those that are NOT bringing in the business that you desire.  Labels should be something that indicates or expresses who or what we believe or stand for, rather than wearing or bearing labels that are a misrepresentation of your business or yourself.  The labels should be a form of a mark of respect of what your company represents.

Some of these labels are so engrained in our psyche that they refuse to come off, just like the labels on some products, whereby you have to prise them off by force, or less your carry them for the rest of your life.

Sometimes there’s that sense of connection with labels too.

The effects of labelling may seem to be a trifling subject, whereas in fact, it can be damaging.  Labelling people can cause the loss of motivation and self-esteem that can prevent the person from change or improvement

When we attach ourselves to labels, we should not forget that it is an external identifier and what really counts is what’s on in the inside ~ the REAL you.