Why? ….Because you are worth it!

Do not allow anyone to place a value on you that depreciates you, undermines who you are, and what you believe in.

I was recently bidding for a particular piece of work, and was told that because someone is cheaper than me, they are likely to consider them, and if I wanted to continue with the bid, I should reduce my price.  Well, my spiritual intuition kicked in, silently telling me NOT to under value myself.  That if I believe that I am worth what I had quoted, then I should not lower the price.

My intuition carried on to tell me, that if I reduce the price I would be simplifying the work that needed to be done, and that would not be true to the client and myself.  I stuck to my guns!

I have time and time again, in the past reduced my prices, and having to work longer hours, in getting the work done. In essence, what I was doing then was, indicating that I was not ‘worth it’.  I was in fact ‘shrinking to fit’!

Negotiation is one thing, though to be devalued is clearly another.  I shall always prefer the former.

This is a reminder that you, should not wait for others to appreciate you, you should celebrate and appreciate yourself.  Self-appreciation increases your self-worth.  I am worth it!!

If you are not careful, you may find yourself, before long, devaluing and depreciating yourself not only in your career, in your personal relationships too.  Follow your intuition, and learn to place real value for your work, in your relationships and for your life.

Like the advert says…’Why?’  ‘Because I am worth it’!!

If you don’t take charge others will!!

What does FORGIVENESS mean to you?

Happy New Month ~ March

Wishing you all a new month overflowing with FAITH.

It was not so long ago, back at the beginning of February that I was talking about each month coming up with a word that we can use as a way of assessing how good or bad, or important something is, in comparison to other things going on in our lives.  We need not only to find an equilibrium, we also need to put it into practice to lift our spirit.  In February the word was FORGIVENESS.

Well how did you do practising FORGIVENESS for the whole month?

I personally over the years have found it to be challenging. Challenging when someone has abused your trust, challenging when someone has let you down, challenging when you are having to dig yourself out a hole, which someone else has caused you to fall into. Although it’s not easy, it does get easier over time ~ forgiving.  As time passes by, you soon realise that non FORGIVENESS eats away at you, and that though forgiveness is challenging, it nevertheless, promotes PEACEFULNESS.

The healing process of FORGIVENESS though starts with SELF.  Having to forgive yourself, for the feeling of shame, embarrassment, for the self-pity.  When FORGIVING yourself, firstly, you are officially releasing yourself from the anger and blame.

ANGER shall continue to remain rooted and alive in your life, and will not stop growing unless you decide to uproot it, and replace it with FORGIVENESS. ~ Olive Guillais-Lazure

This is my take on FORGIVENESS.

The key that opens the heart to FORGIVENESS, opens the door to LOVE ~ Olive Guillais-Lazure

The word for March is PERSISTANT.

Happy New Month!!



What boxes are we actually talking about, what categories, what tribes ~ what them and us are we referring to when using such terminologies or phrase?

For most part, it is through RECOGNITION ~ in recognising through our senses, feelings, through communication, attitudes, our past experiences. These are examples of indicators or signals which trigger off the feelings of being placed in a box, categorised into tribes, colour, size, them and us.

Even our surroundings and where we live can have a bearing on the categories or box that we are being placed in. Recognising the fact that being placed in categories can be a set of opinions, feelings and beliefs of individuals or a group of people ~ a national consciousness.

So how do we break out these boxes, categories ~ the ‘them and us’ mentality?

Breaking out involves stepping into ACTION!

Taking responsibility and being aware of the sensitivity to particular issues.

Taking action involves consideration for others, being thoughtful, weighing up things.

Taking action involves acknowledging that even though we are whole, we are individual parts, diverse in culture and should appreciate the value that we can ALL bring to ‘the table’.

Remember your consciousness is also part of your perception ~ your take, your opinion, your slant, your assessment ~ which is based on your past experiences.  These experiences can be either good or bad depending on what good or bad means to you. These experiences are a form of encouragement for growth as a person, and not as an unchallenged hindrance.

In time those past experience will fade from your consciousness.

Breaking out involves being aware of YOUR thoughts, YOUR beliefs, or emotional bond to these beliefs.

Difficulties often arise in trying to develop relationships with others whilst not having developed a SINCERE and LASTING friendship with your-SELF first ~ Olive Guillais-Lazure